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Rules & Guidelines for Members / Group Leaders

As an independent club we are not bound by UK Athletics bureaucratic rule book. However, there may be occasions where is prudent or even polite to observe their regulations - such as wearing club colours in UKA licensed races. Our rules are mostly about safety but as with any group or club we will not tolerate bad social behaviour (This may lead to suspension)

General Rules

  • Group Leaders are responsible for safety and runners should always abide by their instructions
  • NO-ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND - to achieve this, the practice of looping or waiting for slower runners must be always adhered to. The faster runners in a group therefore run further during a session.
  • iPods & MP3 Players are strictly banned during club running sessions to ensure the safety of runners, their awareness of traffic and cyclists
  • When running in the dark winter months, you must wear a Hi Viz bib or running top.
  • Social Media: Check out our FaceBook page. It is used for announcements, latest updates, comments and invitations. However, please be aware the sensitivity of others - we will not tolerate swearing, racist comments, gossip or trolls on our social media environment.
  • Club Activities: The organisation of any activities under the club name should be notified to everyone (normally via Facebook) but members should recognise their own abilities before taking part.
    Organisers will also have access to the facilities for texting and emailing members to ensure that EVERONE is aware of events, additional training sessions or any other club activities.
Taunton Running Club Looping

Group Leaders Rules

Group Leaders are responsible for the safety of their group during a session and this includes:-

  • Group size during the current COVID-19 pandemic should not be more than 6 runners for safety reasons and a new group structure has been created that will last for the coming 4 - 6 months.
  • NO-ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND - to achieve this, apply the Club Looping Procedure to ensure that slower runners are not isolated. During a "loop process", slower runners may be asked to run straight ahead to ensure the group stays tight and under control.
  • Seeing their group safely across main roads, busy junctions etc.
  • Setting the route and ensuring it is safe for runners, particularly in adverse weather conditions
  • That all runners wear 'HiVis' vests or jackets during winter months
  • Ensure runners becoming injured or feeling ill are ALWAYS accompanied on their return to base by another runner from the group.
  • Advice on Injuries: As a general rule do not give advice on injuries unless you are qualified to do so. There are some general notes on injuries on our website
  • In addition to looping the group leader may require fitter runners to WAIT for the less able, particularly at the top of taxing hills.
  • Employ a sweeper (normally the deputy) to ensure looping and waiting rules are applied
  • Advise faster or slower runners on alternative groups
  • Carry a bumbag with First Aid Kit and a torch in winter
  • Ensure at least one member of the group has a MOBILE PHONE in case of emergencies
  • Ensure newbies are chaperoned by a group member if the pace of the group is too hot
  • As a general rule the group should "KEEP LEFT" on footpaths and cycle-paths - this also advises cyclists and pedestrians coming toward you to keep to their left.