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Taunton Running Club - a brief history

Generally, most running clubs are affiliated to UK Athletics, a strict rule book and code of conduct. TRC was formed on the 9th of September 2014 to provide a 'home' for the vast majority of people that just run for fun, to keep fit or run for charity, with the motto "We run 4 fun - We run 4 free". With this philosophy the club grew and quickly became not only the biggest club in Somerset but the largest independent club in the UK.

The club, of course, has FREE membership and was initially sponsored by local businesses. It was decided early on to remove the elitism that exists in many other clubs and acts as a deterrent to those less able. To this end, our running groups are given frivolous names such as Muffins, Sneakers and Zoologicals.


TRC has constantly pioneered new ideas such as MumsRun, KidsRun, TRCyclists and many members are multi eventers. Being an independent club has also meant that kids can run with their parents (or a supervising adult)

Beginners: we have always welcomed beginners and this has culminated in a very successful Couch to 5K that now runs 3 times a year. With this welcome and support many graduates of this programme have remained members of the club.

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