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Running Sessions

SUNDAYS RUNS 8:30 am (Summertime)
sMilers - Crazies

Tues Crescent Car Park - 6:30pm

  1. Couch to 5K with Michael
  2. Mandarins with Tina
  3. Bluebirds with Ness
  4. Robins with Denise
  5. Puffins with Julie / Dave
  6. Crazy Racoons with Nicky
  7. Zoologicals with Nikki
  8. Gremlins with Adam
  9. Sneakers with Sam (F)
  10. Muffins with Steve
  11. Fletchers with Mark
  12. Whippets with Jane / Flo
  13. DeLoreans with Chris / Darren

Thurs Crescent Car Park - 6:30pm

  1. Mandarins
  2. Rocking Robins
  3. Mockingbirds

Running Pilates Riverside Church

ParkRun 5K Longrun Meadow
Many members use this short weekly run to measure their progress & sharpen their pace

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Established in September 2014, Taunton Running Club is Taunton's own "Run for Fun" club and now the largest independent club in the UK with 1385 registered members. We welcome runners of all abilities - our popular beginners group meets every Tuesday and has a programme of careful encouragement.
Membership is FREE & You can register as a member in the membership section.

Regular running can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also boost your mood and keep your weight under control.


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If you run the Longrun Meadow "Park Run" in Taunton & would like to continue running for fun with friends, like minded people or would like to try a local 10k - "Taunton Running Club" is the club for you. There are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES just fill in the form in the membership section to register & we'll keep you informed of club activities & groups by email, text or via our Facebook page.

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