Taunton Running Club
Days & Times We Meet

SUNDAYS RUNS 8:00 & 9:00am
Earlies - Bluebirds - sMilers - Crazies

This Weeks Routes

Sainsbury's Hankridge - 9:30am

  • Early Birds with Sanchia & Fiona

Tangier Car Park - 6:30pm

  1. Rookies with Michael
  2. Robins with Denise
  3. Ravens with Louise
  4. Zoologicals with Nikki
  5. Buffalos with Matt
  6. Gremlins with Adam
  7. Sneakers with Sam (F)
  8. Muffins with Steve
  9. Dustbusters with Johnny
  10. Archers with Julie
  11. Inbetweeners with John
  12. Arrows with Liam

Club Night 4 Running Groups
Rocking Robins - Bluebirds - Mockingbirds - Thatchers
6:30pm Tangier Car Park
Running Pilates Riverside Church

Taunton Running Club - Where We Meet

WHERE: From the 28th of June 2016 we meet at the Tangier Car Park next to Lidl - it has close access to the river and canal routes.

Map of Taunton Running Club