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Membership of Taunton Running Club is totally FREE and there are NO joining or annual fees. IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED PLEASE AVOID DUPLICATIONS and do not use this form to update your membership record. Please logon to the membership section and amend your details there.

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Senior Membership: is currently open to anyone over the age of 16 even if you are a member of another club.


Junior Members: Youngsters that like to run are welcome to any of our sessions if accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. The responsible adult must run with them and should select a running group that is within there abilities.

Simply fill in the form on the left to register - there are NO membership fees - running is free right?

Group Leaders: are the core of our club and if you wish to lead a group please give an indication of your pace at the end of the application form.

Group Leaders: have full control over their group in terms of routes, pace, single or mixed gender, night of the week, gentle or intensive training and or training for a particular distance.

Beginners: are a very important part of our club and we understand that to many, running continuously is a daunting task. You may find it hard work to begin with but with gentle encouragement we'll get you to the point where running becomes easier and dare we say it..... ENJOYABLE

CLUB RULES: All members, senior and junior must abide by our club safety rules (see menu above).

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Membership Benefits

  • FREE MEMBERSHIP: Taunton Running Club is a club for all the family is associated to Run Britain & England Athletics
  • FLEXIBILITY: Tuesday is Club night when most groups and their leaders meet for a hours run at their own pace.
    Groups also meet at other days/times of the week to train on the track or for longer distances. Thursday sees our MumsRun - a morning session for busy mums and Friday at 6:15pm we have KidsRun for parents and their children
    Currently we have 6 sessions on 4 days of the week - see our Facebook group for latest info.
  • SOCIAL & FUN EVENTS: Every now and then we come up with an idea for a night out or a club activity - click here for latest >> EVENTS & RACES
  • TEAM: ALL BLACKS: Run in our famous all black kit in local races or further afield. See the events section


Club Rules

  • Group Leaders are responsible for safety and runners should always abide by their instructions
  • No-one gets left behind - to achieve this, the practice of looping or waiting for slower runners must be always adhered to.
  • iPods & MP3 Players are strictly banned during club running sessions to ensure the safety of runners, their awareness of traffic and cyclists

Group Leaders are responsible for the safety of their group during a session and this includes:-

  • Seeing their group across main roads, busy junctions etc.
  • Setting the route and ensuring it is safe for runners, particularly in adverse weather conditions
  • That all runners wear 'HiVis' vests or jackets during winter months
  • Ensure runners becoming injured or feeling ill are ALWAYS be accompanied on their return by another runner from the group.
  • Apply the Club Looping Procedure to ensure that slower runners are not isolated, the group stays together and in control.
  • In addition to looping the group leader may require fitter runners to WAIT for the less able, particularly at the top of taxing hills.
  • Employ a sweeper (normally the deputy) to ensure looping and waiting rules are applied

Recommendations for Group Leaders

  • Advise faster or slower runners on the appropriate group
  • Carry a bumbag with First Aid Kit, torch in winter
  • Ensure at least one member of the group has a MOBILE PHONE in case of emergencies
  • Ensure newbies are chaperoned if the pace of the group is too hot
  • As a general rule the group should "KEEP LEFT" on footpaths and cycle-paths